Street art feat. Gustav Klimt

HOMESELFMADECREWStreet art feat. Gustav Klimt
Image 1 (Panorama)- Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer with Shawarma- street art by Selfmadecrew- Berlin Teufelsberg 2016

“Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer with Shawarma”- Die Coverversion


“Lady in cement” is a street art spray artwork, which was created by our team “Selfmade crew” in Berlin in 2016.


The street artwork is meant to be a tribute and homage to an Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt and his Portrait Of Adele Bloch Bauer” painting, woven into a 21st-century concepts such as consumerism, hedonism and globalism. It comes with another cultural symbol of modern Berlin a Döner Kebab (Shawarma), wrapped in a usual Berlin “Döner Kebab” fast-food paper, which Adele holds in her hands.


The artwork was painted in a territory of a former US NSA Listening Station on the top of the Teufelsberg hill near Berlin, Germany. The territory of the abandoned station has become one of the biggest street art galleries, which wide territory and huge walls give a perfect area for performing street art, creating the place very special as a combination of urban art with a mysterious abandoned space.


I wanted to show how the motives of the past can perfectly suit and get interrelated with the modern world. Nowadays we see the huge dominance of material values and wealth over the simple joy of art and creativity. Imagination gets suppressed by lust for money, the idea of success and happiness as being rich and satisfied in a full comfort, has spread wide. The longing for money transformed such an easy joy as having a meal into a quick process of recharging oneself, of making stomach full with junk food. Have we totally lost all our roots and traditions? Where are we heading with this attitude to our lives? Is there a chance for the art and harmony to prevail over the material world of huge corporations? Its your turn to find answers to these questions and decide what do you see in this painting.

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