“FaqLove 3D” – Packing tape art

HOMEPACKING TAPE“FaqLove 3D” – Packing tape art

3D Packaging tape installation- “FAQLOVE RELOADED”

FAQlove 3D- packing tape portrait- tape artist Ostap- 2015

“FAQlove 3D”- packing tape art- Exhibition “Loving Creative ” – “Artgeschoss” Gallery- 2015

3D tape-art object of strips of brown packing tape on the acrylic-glass.

5 glasses the size of 80 x 60 x 30 cm. at a distance of 4 cm. from each other. January 2015.

FAQlove 3D- packing tape art- female portrait- artist Ostap 2015- side view

“FAQlove 3D”- packing tape art- female portrait

Side view- Faqlove reloaded - 3d packing tape art- Ostap 2015

“Faqlove reloaded” – 3d art out of brown packing tape

Faqlove reloaded- 3d packing tape portrait- Ostap 2015

“Faqlove reloaded” – 3d packing tape installation

3d packing tape art-Side view-Faqlove reloaded- without light- Ostap 2015

“Faqlove reloaded” – 3d packing tape art without light

3d packing tape art-portrait-Ostap tape artist 2015-yellow light- Side view

3d packing tape art-“Faqlove reloaded”- Side view

3d packing tape installation-portrait-Ostap tape artist 2015- Close up

3d packing tape installation-“Faqlove reloaded”- Close up

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