“Graffiti relic”- installation in “The Haus”

HOMEPACKING TAPE“Graffiti relic”- installation in “The Haus”


Image 01- “Graffiti relic”- Closeup


Image 02- “Graffiti relic”- Packing tape art


Image 03- Entrance area- The Haus


Image 04- Ostap Artist in “The Haus-Berlin Art Bang” project


Image 05- “The Klebebandrolle”

“Graffiti relic”- packaging tape installation

An installation out of brown and colored packing tape in the entrance area of “The Haus- Berlin Art Bang” exhibition. One of the two art works I created for this art project. The tape was stuck on both sides of the 4 cm thick armored glass. That’s why the sticking lasted about ten days.

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