“Matryoshka”- Stencil street art

HOMESTREET ART“Matryoshka”- Stencil street art

Image 01- Matryoshka- Street art by Ostap- Kastanienallee-Berlin

Image 01- Matryoshka- Stencil Street art by Slava Ostap

Image 1- Matreshka- Street art by Ostap- Haus Schwarzenberg-Berlin

Image 02- Matreshka- Street art by Ostap at Haus Schwarzenberg-Berlin

Matryoshka in the haus- exhibition- stencil graffiti by ostap- 2017



“Matryoshka & Eggs”- Street art Series

A series of stencil artworks on the streets of Berlin and the surrounding area. The years 2016- 2017.