Packing tape lamp design

HOMEPACKING TAPE ARTPacking tape lamp design


“Turn the light on!”- packing tape installation

packingtapeart-lantern-lamp-design-ostap-2013-artwork close up

“Turn the light on!”- packing tape lantern- Close up 1

turnthelighton-packing tape-installation-lantern-design-ostap-2013

“Turn the light on!”- packing tape lantern

“Turn the light on!”- Packing tape installation

Lantern design out of brown and green packing tape– “Turn the light on!”.

200 x 150 x 100 cm. Year 2013.


“Turn the light on!”- packing tape lamp- Close up 2

packing-tape-art-lantern-lamp-installation-ostap-2013-close up 3

“Turn the light on!”- packing tape installation- Close up 3

turnthelighton-packing-tape-installation-lantern-lamp-design-ostap-2013-closeup 4

“Turn the light on!”- packaging tape lamp design- Closeup 4

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