SELFMADECREW: International tape and street art collective


Blue Street- Packaging Tape Art Eskimo Woman Portrait

A complete blue street- Spandauer Strasse

Tape art by Selfmadecrew for German National Bank in Berlin

Tape art project for German National Bank (Berlin)

“SELFMADECREW”- Tape art from Berlin

We are Berlin-based artists collective, united by a common predilection for contemporary and urban art. In our team, the young creators embody their ideas hand in hand with experienced and acclaimed artists. The crew was founded in 2015 by Berlin-based street and tape artist Ostap (Slava Osinski) founded, which has caused many a stir with his works at home and abroad. We received our recognition in the scene both through our tape art and street art projects as well as through cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, FEZ Berlin Museum for Children, German Nationalbank, Goethe Institute, Berlin Government and many other partners.
Everything about our street art and tape art, live performances, and cooperation projects can be found on this page.

SelfmadeCrew artist Gomez finishes the tape portraits

“SelfmadeCrew” artist Dennis Gomez works on the tape artwork


Google Office Tape Art -Zurich 2016

racing-cars-tape-graffiti-cooperation-project-ZF-Race Engineering-selfmadecrew-2016

“Three Racing cars”- duct tape office design

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