SELFMADE Crew Berlin


SELFMADE Crew Berlin- Street and tape artists collective. Are you looking for new artist that exactly fits your project, event or brand? You’ve found the right place! All about our street and tape art projects and our contact information are here.

“Climber”- tape street art sculpture

"Detlef the climbing sprayer"- tape street art sculpture The Climber- tape street art sculpture Climbing man- transparent tape sculpture at "Tape Art Convention 2016" Detlef- the birth hour At the Tape Art Convention 2016, we thought about creating an artwork you have not seen before. As a result, we were

“ArtHoover”- Street art at Tape Art Convention 2016

Image 1 of Tape street art piece "Art Hoover" by Selfmadecrew for Tape Art Convention 2016 Street art out of duct tape Our street artwork made out of only duct tape for the first Tape Art Convention at Neurotitan Gallery. Berlin 2016.

Lady in Cement (feat. Gustav Klimt)

"Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer with Shawarma"- Die Coverversion   "Lady in cement" is a street art spray artwork, which was created by our team “Selfmade crew” in Berlin in 2016. Idea The street artwork is meant to be a tribute and homage to an Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt and his “Portrait Of Adele Bloch Bauer" painting,

Live taping at the “Rooftop Gallery” Street Art Jam

Image 1- Artwork of live taping by "Selfmade crew" at Street Art Jam 2016 Street art on the rooftops of Berlin This tape artwork was created in 5 hours live taping performance with the whole "SELFMADECREW" team during the Street Art Jam, dedicated to a 10th jubilee of "Yard 5"- Graffiti store.

Deutsche Gründer Preis für Schüler

Image 1- 3D tape art installation for Gruner+Jahr DGPS 2016 event in Hamburg Image 2- 3D tape art installation for Gruner+Jahr DGPS 2016 event in Hamburg SELFMADECREW for German Founder Award for Students 2016 In summer, 2016 we were in Hamburg. There we made several installations out

Red Bull Flying Day in Zurich 2016

Fluffy the flying pony, Yeezy – the flying Sneaker, a bird pilot and an eagle – these were the marvelous inventions of students for the Red Bull Flying Day event on on Saturday, June 16, 2016 in Zurich. The best designs were taped by our four "Self Made Crew" artists

Wege in die Zukunftsstadt von BMBF

Entrance Closeup entrance Zukunftsstadt (Future City)- tape art and guidelines Art is needed everywhere, in more subtle shapes, or more obvious, according to needs. My most recent project, which I made together with my, implied making some tape art at the "Zukunftsstadt" Event, or Future City, as it would be translated

Google Playtime Event

Tape art contract for Google Play Tape art contract for Google Play Event in Berlin on 02.10.2015 In early October, an adhesive tape artist Slava Ostap and his team designed a corporate Congress Google Playtime- in a old shopping mall "Jandorf" in Berlin. Creative imagination of Ostap stretched on two floors of this

“Mercedes AMG” – DTM Team

Tape art order for Mercedes AMG DTM Team Commissioned tape art order for Mercedes AMG DTM Team Tape art order for "Mercedes AMG"- DTM Team Racing event weekend at the Hockenheimring, 2015th. This order for Mercedes AMG DTM team was created on racing weekend in April 2015-th at the Hockenheimring in

God’s Hand (Michelangelo)

Photo of Commissioned tape art - "God's Hand (Michelangelo)"   Commissioned tape art - God's Hand (Michelangelo) This graffiti from GAFFA duct tape Ostap crated on Street Art Festival in Neuss. It was done during 6 Hours live taping event. The image is 2.5 x 4 meters big. When creating this image Ostap have