Stencil Street Art & Graffiti Gallery



Stencil street art, spray paint and graffiti Gallery. Artworks by Berlin-based artist Ostap. The piece of Berlin street art.


Previously Published Projects:



Graffiti Busters- Stencil street art

"Graffitibeseitigungsnotdienst"- (EN) Graffiti removal emergency service Street Art to Think About: Graffiti as Advertising for Graffiti Removal Service Sometimes art is supposed to provoke. That was the goal of this graffiti, which I sprayed with a stencil. The thought behind it? I wanted to make


Minimalistic Graffiti for Berlin Mural Fest

Let's get started! Only white paint - Minimalist graffiti One Wall, Lots of White Paint and 10 Hours: Art for Free Thoughts The best things happen spontaneously. Just like the invitation of the guys from Berlin Mural Fest, who provided us with a


“Matryoshka”- Stencil street art

Matryoshka and Faberge Eggs- Stencil Street art by Ostap In "The Haus" (2017) Matryoshka- Street art series in Berlin "Matryoshka & Eggs"- Street art Series A series of stencil artworks on the streets of Berlin and the surrounding area. The years 2016-


Street art feat. Gustav Klimt

  Close-up - Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer with Döner Kebab- Street Art Close-up 2- Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer with Shawarma- Mural art Close-up 4 - Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer eats Döner Kebab- NSA listening station- Berlin-Teufelsberg 2016   "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer


“Jesus VISA” – Stencil street art

"Icin 2.0"- stencil street art- Kastanienallee Berlin- closeup Jesus Visa Card- stencil street art- closeup "Jesus Visa Card" graffiti on the "God Bless You" wall at the Kastanienallee Berlin "Jesus visa card"- Stencil Graffiti "New time, new icons, new religion" Artist:


“Loving Disney”- stencil art

Street art- "Loving Disney" Stencil graffiti art- "Loving Disney"- diptych by Ostap Street art "LOVING DISNEY" Mickey Mouse representation for street art. There is this graffiti at a few streets in Berlin since 2015.