Tape art gallery of German-based Ukrainian contemporary artist

“Climber”- tape street art sculpture

"Detlef the climbing sprayer"- tape street art sculpture The Climber- tape street art sculpture Climbing man- transparent tape sculpture at "Tape Art Convention 2016" Detlef- the birth hour At the Tape Art Convention 2016, we thought about creating an artwork you have not seen before. As a result, we were

“ArtHoover”- Street art at Tape Art Convention 2016

Image 1 of Tape street art piece "Art Hoover" by Selfmadecrew for Tape Art Convention 2016 Street art out of duct tape Our street artwork made out of only duct tape for the first Tape Art Convention at Neurotitan Gallery. Berlin 2016.

Selfie out tape

Photo 1- "Selfie"- tape art self portrait- 300 x 200 cm, Berlin 2016 My selfie out of duct tape Tape art self portrait. Size: 300 x 200 cm, Berlin 2016. The selfie is clearly a tendency these days, due to the advanced mobile technology available on the market. Everybody is doing it, so I

Democratizator (AK-47)

Image 1 - "Democtatizator (AK 47)"- packing tape art. 120x90cm, Berlin 2016 Zoom image of AK 47- tape pop art work   Pop art out of adhesive tape The theme for this tape artwork is the current world events. As I think, even for a pop art artwork is the political statement well

“Ushi” – packing tape sculpture

"Uschi"- packing tape sculpture 3D tape art object "Uschi" USCHI- the eternal theme   This packing tape art object is a tribute to the classic theme of the history of art the woman and femininity. In this artwork I tried to represent the emotional Females with very rational and constructive

“The Beast” – packaging tape art

"The Beast" (Portrait of Mike Tyson)- Packing tape art by Ostap Tape art work "The Beast" with light and without light "The Beast"- Packing tape art A packing tape portrait from boxing legend Mike Tyson when he was eight year-old boy. Created only from yellow and brown packing tape on

“Still unrest”- tape art

Title image of "Sunflowers" (feat. Van Gogh)- tape art by Ostap, 150x120 cm. Berlin 2015 Zoom image 1-"Sunflowers" (feat. Van Gogh)- tape art by Ostap, 150x120 cm. Berlin 2015 Three sunflowers and an explosive- tape art by Ostap "Three Sunflowers in a Vase" is an image that many people have even

“Portable Tornado”- sticky tape sculpture

3D adhesive tape sculpture by Slava Ostap- "Portable Tornado" 3D tape art sculpture- "Portable Tornado". For this installation was c.a. 370 different rolls of tape and 5 days consumed. This installation is 5 meters high and at the widest point she c.a. 2 meters diameter. One of my most interesting work in my

“FaqLove Reloaded” – Tape art object

3D tape art object- "FAQLOVE RELOADED" "Faqlove reloaded"-3d tape art. Brown packing tape on acrylic glass. Size: 80x60x30 cm. Ostap 2015 3D tape-art object of strips of brown packing tape on the acrylic-glass. 5 glasses the size of 80 x 60 x 30 cm. at a distance of 4 cm. from each other.

“Cutter Crew (Berlin Starry Night)” featuring Van Gogh

"Starry Night" feat. Van Gogh - duct tape art Duct tape art homage to Van Gogh's "Starry Night". This picture was taken during a four-hour live performance at "Artgeschoss" gallery in Berlin. Solely adhesive tape was used for this picture. Size: 150 x 130 cm. Year 2015. More tape art pictures