Art made of Duct Tape only (Gallery)

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Duct Tape Art Gallery: Paintings, Installations, Wall Art, Urban, and Street Art created out of Duct Tape only.

Our Previously Published Projects:


Optical Street Art with Duct Tape

The result of our live taping action for the street art exhibition "The Haus- Berlin Art Bang". We also stuck the second window directly in front of the queue to entertain the crowd during the waiting time. The motif is exactly the same as in the first window part "The Hands 1". However this time we used only white and silver duct tape. After eight hours

Selfie out tape

The selfie is clearly a tendency these days, due to the advanced mobile technology available on the market. Everybody is doing it, so I thought that I should not be an exception from this rule. Of course, the selfie I made is different from the rest