Tape art gallery of German-based tape artist Ostap – Artworks created out of any kind of adhesive tape, such a duct tape, packing or masking tape

Selfie out tape

Photo 1- "Selfie"- tape art self portrait- 300 x 200 cm, Berlin 2016 My selfie out of duct tape Tape art self portrait. Size: 300 x 200 cm, Berlin 2016. The selfie is clearly a tendency these days, due to the advanced mobile technology available on the market. Everybody is doing it, so

Democratizator (AK-47)

Image 1 - "Democtatizator (AK 47)"- packing tape art. 120x90cm, Berlin 2016 Zoom image of AK 47- tape pop art work   Pop art out of adhesive tape The theme for this tape artwork is the current world events. As I think, even for a pop art artwork is the political

“Feel”- Packing tape art

Image of Packing tape artwork "Feel" "Feel"- Packing tape art Two-color artwork from red and brown packing tape First exhibited at RBC Bank Event in Berlin, 2014. Completely filled space, rich colors, interesting and easy ambiguous subject are the main characteristics of Ostaps packing tape artwork "Feel ...". That "Feel ..." has a


Image of packing tape art - U1 Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin Close up of the tape type image with the Berlin U Bahn "U1" - artwork from packing tape Subway train on the Oberbaum Bridge in Berlin. Brown and yellow packaging tape on acrylic glass. Size: 120 x 80 cm. Year 2015.

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