Tape artists Gallery –  Artworks created out of any kinds of sticky tape such a duct tape, packing or masking tape. By German-based Tape Artist Ostap

Selfie out tape

Photo 1- "Selfie"- tape art self portrait- 300 x 200 cm, Berlin 2016 My selfie out of duct tape Tape art self portrait. Size: 300 x 200 cm, Berlin 2016. The selfie is clearly a tendency these days, due to the advanced mobile technology available on the market. Everybody is doing it, so [...]


Image of packing tape art - U1 Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin Close up of the tape type image with the Berlin U Bahn "U1" - artwork from packing tape Subway train on the Oberbaum Bridge in Berlin. Brown and yellow packaging tape on acrylic glass. Size: 120 x 80 cm. Year 2015. [...]