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Ostap + SELFMADECREW – We are a Berlin-based but global active,  five-member artists collective. Since 2015 we work as a team in different techniques. Such as Tape Art (Art with Tape), Spray Art, Live Painting Events, Street Art, Interior Design etc.

Is it art — or can I chuck it?

This will probably be asked.

Tape artist Slava Ostap makes art. Not some art, but street art. Not any kind of art, he does tape art. And this art is really the finest.

In addition to his first successes, such as “Still Unrest” or “The Beast”, he was allowed to reshape two floors of the Berlin department store Jahn as part of the Google Play event with his team. He glued walls and floors and thus created a completely new dimension. The result was and is always impressive. It captivates the viewer and leaves much room for own interpretations.

Ostap as a tape artist is innovative and rich in ideas. He creates art where nobody would expect it: at windows, in huge halls, on streets or in parks. The result is simply breathtaking and unique. But why just adhesive strips? Why not classical graffiti, which he also well mastered?

“Adhesive tape art is at the start of its development and has not yet been contaminated by stereotypes. Tape-Art therefore offers a wide field for action, experiments are very welcome, and that is close to my heart. “- says Ostap in an interview. In addition, there are many different varieties of tape, you can keep them well and do not bleach.”

With adhesive strips, you can easily and effectively realize your vision. There are no limits to creativity. And if the whole thing no longer pleases, it can be removed easily and without residue.

Show must go on

And so, the native Ukrainian and Berliner-by choice sticks. He impresses with countless events, rages with his tape on the streets of the capital, holds workshops and recently also offered commissioned works. In 2014, he was Already represented at the Berlin Design Festival. His passion is three-dimensional tape art. At the Laboratory Human Festival, his sculpture “Portable Tornado” was created. The tape artist Ostap made it with 430 different tape rolls and in just five days. It has a height of five meters. It would be great if the highly gifted Tape artist could create something for you! His works are profound and multifaceted. In any case, they always leave a lasting impression. Also at trade fairs for your industry, he is a guarantor for attention. Just talk to him!

In any case, he will continue. His visions of Tape Art seem to have no end. He uses every minute and every space to unfold completely and to rise in his art.

“Tape art is a form of street art. Here, mainly different varieties of adhesive tape are used as working material. What it means to me personally is the idea. Whenever I have the vision, the particular thought, it comes to the duct or packing tape. “

He would like to point out, amuse, attract attention. The sympathetic, 36-year-old tape artist is extremely flexible. Just like his tape, and also creates large projects in the shortest possible time. It remains exciting. Be inspired and look around on this page.

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Tape-Art-Künstler Slava Ostap- Künstlerportrait


  • Artist Name: „OSTAP“
  • Techniques: Tape Art, Street Art, Stencil, Spray Art
  • Born and grew up in Ukraine
  • Studied architecture in Ukraine
  • Since 2003 Berliner-by-choice 
  • 2004-2007 Education as an offset printer
  • 2012- 2014- Resident-Artist at “URBAN SPREE” Gallery, Berlin
  • 2015- Founder of artists collective “SELFMADECREW”