Artist Slava Ostap at work- Making of tape art

Berlin Tape Artist

My name is Slava Osinski and I am a Berlin-based tape artist. In the last few years, I was busy with tape art. Both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art objects and installations. For my art out of adhesive tape, I mainly use two types of tapes: colored duct tape (GAFFA, fabric) or packing tape. Often I use other forms of urban art – for example, street art like stencils and graffiti. With that, I also explore the shoals of this kind of street art.

I let myself be inspired by places and spaces and try to create something new through every image, every installation. Many of my works combine with social, political, social and religious issues. Nevertheless, I never try to make my work seem heavy or painful – they often radiate mischievous humor, are ironic, sarcastic and satirical. Among other things, I also accept commissioned projects and conduct tape art and graffiti workshops.

That excites me on the tape

The ideas materialized with tape are, in my opinion, always fresh and seem unexpected. The tape gives the old man a new form, which awakens undisputed interest in the viewer. This allows me the inner meaning of the work to present the hidden address to my contemporaries usually quickly and accurately. Apart from that, I would like to remind people of the long-forgotten or draw attention to what is acute nowadays.

Is it art — or can I chuck it?

As a tape artist, I try to stay innovative and rich in ideas. I try to create art where nobody would expect it: at windows, in huge halls, on streets or in parks. The result is simply breathtaking and unique. But why just adhesive strips? Why not classical graffiti, which he also well mastered?

“Adhesive tape art is at the start of its development and has not yet been contaminated by stereotypes. Tape Art therefore offers a wide field for action, experiments are very welcome, and that is close to my heart. “- says Ostap in an interview. In addition, there are many different varieties of tape, you can keep them well and do not bleach.”

With adhesive strips, you can easily and effectively realize your vision. There are no limits to creativity. And if the whole thing no longer pleases, it can be removed easily and without residue.

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Tape Artist Ostap- Autograph session