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Artist’s Vitae:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

my name is Slava Ostap and I am the Tape-Art Street-Art Artist from Berlin. I was born and raised in Ukraine. Also there i studied Architecture. I have been living In Germany since 1995 and since 2003 in Berlin. I the years 2012-14 I was the Resident-Artist at Urban Spree Gallery Berlin. This is where I started my way in street and contemporary art . Five years ago I found the Tape Art – Art of gluing the sticky tape, and I have worked with this media ever since. Very often I mix the Tape –Art with other forms of Art, for example, Street Art, trying to give the impulse to find the new art-forms. Installations with the sticky tape give me the opportunity to present my ideas with the new point of view. My works have been already presented in different Projects and Galleries, but mostly – on the streets of Berlin. I must say, I distance myself from the classic form of Street art , like Graffiti or Tagging – with my Art, I try to arouse an Emotion in the Audience, especially positive emotions, like smile or laugh, or on the contrary – to show my personal attitude to the modern culture, politics, society, religion and sex. It does not mean, that in every work there is a great Meaning, sometimes, I like to work with the abstract forms and minimalistic shapes. In 2013 I had the opportunity to work in Ukraine and in 2014 – in Russia. There we created Tape Art and Street Art Workshops. The audience really loved it and took active part in the process. So, here I would like to present you my works and ideas. Please have a look at my works and do not hesitate to send me a feedback. I am very thankful for your critic and comments.

Tape Artist Ostap about Tape Art.

What is TAPE ART?

Tape Art is a Form of Street Art. Here different type of adhesive tape are used as the working media. To me, tape art is more of an Idea. Whenever I have the Idea, the particular thought, it comes to Scotch.

Why Tape ?

Tape art is a very young media, which is still developing and is not polluted by stereotypes. Tape art offers a wide field of action, i love to experiment and see this as a creative act that is just very close to my heart. There is wide range of types of adhesive tape with different characteristics and qualities. In addition, tape and Scotch are almost non-bleached and can be well preserved. Ofcourse, if it is necessary, adhesive tape or Scotch is easy to remove from any surface, so Tape Art brings no harm to the environment. Working with a tape requires relatively little time, but the result is always effective and bold. In spite of all, the main thing for me is that every creative idea can be easily presented by tape art.

Where can you apply Tape ?

Tape art can be installed anywhere. Whether it is a wall, pedestrian streetside, trashbox, glass, window or a tree, I see all this as a potential place for Tape Graffiti. It is important for me that the object is unexpected and suits well the selected place at the same time. Inside of the room, Tape looks great as well, I’ve put it on the window or on the door, on the wall or on the ceiling – and am willing to experiment further!

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Tape Artist Slava Ostap at work- artist portrait


  • Name: „OSTAP“
  • Technique: Tape art, Street art, Stencil, Spray art, Installations

  • Born 1977 and raised in Ukraine

  • also studied Architecture in Ukraine

  • since 2003 living and working in Berlin, Germany

  • 2004-09  education as an offset and screen printer

  • 2012-14- Resident-Artist at URBAN SPREE Gallery, Berlin
  • 2015- founder of the artists collective “SELFMADECREW”

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