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Team building- tape art workshop by Selfmadecrew


Creating art together – team-building workshop for companies

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Team building with tape art? How can I imagine that?

We come to visit you and your team and have a large suitcase with colored tapes in your luggage; various materials, sizes, and colors. And then creativity takes its course. We will playfully start tinkering and taping. In the end, art remains.

What exactly happens at a workshop?

We are free. The possibilities that tape art workshops offer for team building and team coaching are very diverse. Together we create a large tape graffiti or artwork or even individual works with intensive artistic and manual accompaniment. We are a dedicated artist collective “Ostap & Self Made Crew“, who like to refresh your company with the creative wind. Our team building workshops for businesses are always an experience of creativity and collaboration. We teach in three languages: German, English, and Russian.


What does participation require?

There is no age restriction for tape art. It can be interesting and easy to learn for anyone. After a short introduction, you just start sticking. Meanwhile, the participants are always looked after by the artists. We introduce you to the basic craft techniques and give you continuous artistic suggestions and tips. Depending on the weather, the location can be either a park in the fresh air or your offices. Taping is done on plastic or wooden boards, directly on the walls or on any other objects. There is a lot that can be styled and personalized. The simplicity and spontaneity of the tape art is the genius of it. Abstract or figurative, patterns or characters, it’s up to you. And if your own work does not succeed, simply peel off the tape and start again. We are always there to help.

A team coaching event with “SelfmadeCcrew” means communication and collaboration, concentration and playfulness, inventive thinking and creativity. The symbolism of the tape can also stretch in your team a powerful band.