Tape Art and Graffiti Workshops



Teambuilding with Art– Tape Art Workshop by German-based street artists collective “Selfmadecrew“. Experience creativity together. Our Masterclasses are perfect for all ages and participant numbers. More information and FAQ can be found here.

Previously Published Projects:


Tape art workshop for students

Art gives wings! - Workshop with "Selfmadecrew" As part of the Street Art Tour of the UDK, the University of the Arts, it was colorful in Berlin in September. Around Washington Square, near the main train station, students were invited along with art


Tape Art Workshop at Berlin school

Tape Art Workshop in the School Tape Art Workshop in 5 class Lessig gymnasium With Berlin-based street artist Slava Ostap. This Berlin Bear graffiti, the children have stuck at the end of the workshop in the schoolyard and then this tape Graffiti won a Youth Art